New Site 2014!!!

Hey friends :)  Been a long long winter, and now spring is here – finally!  Welcome to my new site for 2014! (unfortunately) some of you might recall early 2013 posts or newsletters teasing about a “new” site! Well 1+ year later its here…and its still a work in progress.

So please be patient as I slowly get all the galleries up and running.  In the meantime call or email me with any questions about pricing, scheduling, or just to say hi.  Cause I love it when people say hi.

Quick note for 2014 – I’m changing my products to digital files only.  Existing clients can still order from my 2013 menu, but there will be a minimum order amount this year.  Check out my “Current Pricing” page for a quick look and/or email me for more info.  Also I’m taking a very limited number of sessions this year, 1-2 per month.  So if you are a procrastinator I might not be available as I have in the past if you call me at the last minute.  I hate turning people down so please call me in advance cause I really wanna say yes!

Looking forward to 2014!


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